After initially studying as a textile designer, I became fascinated by the ways in which mood could be uplifted and behaviour influenced through the power of visual and spacial design… and I have never looked back since. I started with the best: Training in visual merchandising and display styling with Selfridges (London) and Jigsaw (Nationally). I then cast my net wider to include illustration design (Hotch Potch, UK and my own collections) and graphic design (brand logos and marketing material). Interior design commissions started informally through friends and in 2004 I undertook my biggest challenge – Transforming a dilapidated school house into a beautiful country home in the middle of Ireland. The building needed total gutting and renovation and after two years, it cemented (quite literally) my desire to take up interior design professionally.

Since then I have worked consistently in the field. Design psychology has remained a focus for me. Further studies in Interior Design and Holistic Interior Design gave me the professional platform on which to build my business. I now work with a broad range of clients throughout Bath, Bristol Somerset and Wiltshire. Click here for my portfolio and more information about Catriona Archer Interior services.

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