Airbnb Interior Styling top tips – Part 3

In this final part of my airbnb and holiday rental tips, let’s look at how to make the most of your holiday rental through professional marketing photographs, dealing with unfavourable reviews and ensuring a fast service turnaround between check-outs and check-ins. (See Part 1 and Part 2).

The value of professional photographs

In this image-obsessed online-world, good images are a key marketing tool. It is amazing the difference some expert styling and a professional photographer can make in showing off your property to its best. These images should be updated as improvements are made to the property, in order to make full use of the opportunity and avoid any annoyance by guests on arrival who feel they have been misguided.

Guesthouse and holiday rental interiors by Catriona Archer / Photography: Jeni Meade

Important things to achieve in photographs include:

  • Be sure sheets and pillow cases on the bed are straight and well ironed. Don’t forget to de-clutter! As a professional stylist, I know first-hand the difference a well styled room makes to the final image. Think about where you want the eye to settle within the image, and simplify the styling elsewhere.
  • Many consider using a slightly wider lens to photograph a room in order to make it look bigger, but beware not to over-distort the room.
  • As a general rule, photographs taken at chest height rather than eye height work better. This also helps keep furniture and wall edges as vertical as possible.
  • Getting the lighting right is a key element in showing a room off to it’s best.
  • An open door leading through into another room often gives a more interesting dimension. It also highlights the overall flow of the interior.
  • Add some close-up shots to convey the ambience and mood of the interior.

Keeping a faster service turnaround

  • Unless you provide a daily cleaning service, be sure that there are sufficient cleaning supplies at-hand for guests to use in the interim for any mishaps.
  • A well styled holiday rental should be welcoming but not cluttered: Although some thoughtful accessories are important, avoid too many trinkets and dust-makers. It is useful to remember that not all guests will have the same taste as you, so it is often best to keep the décor relatively generic.
  • Be sure to check all drawers and the microwave thoroughly after guests check out… easily forgotten!
  • A Cleaning Tick List for general service turnarounds gives peace of mind – be sure this is detailed and include ceiling cobwebs: This is something easily overlooked when cleaning, but glaringly obvious when a guest is lying in bed! A Seasonal Tick List is also helpful for a more thorough clean (Check the Fire Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detector, dusting lampshades and spotlights, deep-cleaning mattresses, pillows and duvets etc.). Keeping the windows clean is a must.
  • Store excess bedlinen in or close to the bedroom for ease.
  • Replace any kitchenware breakages and check all lightbulbs on every changeover.

 Interior design and styling by 

Gaining positive reviews

I hope this three-part article will help you achieve favourable reviews for your holiday rental or guesthouse. However no matter how hard we try, it’s impossible to please everyone all of the time and sometimes the accusation is misdirected. Remember that an unfavourable or lukewarm review is not personal, and often an opportunity to improve the business. Never reply to such reviews in haste – A sincere and considered reply, assuring the guest that their views have been taken onboard and acted upon swiftly helps re-gain their trust. It also assures others reading the review that good customer service is important to your business.

Browsing through the visitor book is very insightful in helping future guests on what to do in the area. It is also an essential and inexpensive tool to harness and advertise positive reviews and encourage future guests to offer the same. Be sure to regularly upload a photo of an amusing or impressive review onto any social media platforms you have! It’s a fail-safe way of validating and advertising your business. On this note, may I take this opportunity to wish your business every success!

Interior design and styling by Catriona Archer

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