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Interior design tips on a Small Budget by Catriona Archer

How to get big style on a small budget

Wouldn’t it be lovely if our homes functioned in a way that made our everyday life feel easier, with effective layout and storage that created a more relaxing and enjoyable space for everyone in it? Making a home practical and a joy to live in is, for me, the ultimate aim. So first, let’s looks at the practical side… (click here to read more)

Top tips for property viewings when selling your home

Our home is usually the biggest investment we make in our lives. No doubt you are looking to maximise it’s selling potential! Once you have prepared and styled your house for sale, the photographs have been taken and the estate agent has set up appointments, what next? What can be done before each viewing to ensure all your hard work has paid off? Here are my top tips for property viewings to help secure the best possible deal…

How to maximise your storage and space within the home

Space is an issue for everyone I work with: Our busy lives and ever-evolving homes mean that we often feel overwhelmed by all our possessions and limited space. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is for me to help others reduce clutter, and making a happier and more effective home that benefits everyone within it…(click here to read more)

Part 1 – Airbnb and Holiday Rental Tips

I’ve been an interior designer and stylist on Airbnb’s and Guesthouses for many years and have often been asked by clients for some additional tips and suggestions for their business. This has brought about these Airbnb and Holiday Rental Tips which I hope are helpful to you. I have divided into 3 separate articles. (see Part 2 and Part 3). But first, let’s look at your business’ USP (Unique Selling Point) and provide suggestions on items to consider in a Welcome Pack and House Manual… (click here to read more)

Part 2 – Airbnb and Holiday Rental Tips

In this second part of my top tips for holiday rentals and guesthouses, I would like to share with you my room-by-room checklist of amenities that can help make a warm and lasting impression for your guests and ensure those rave reviews that are key to the business’ success… (click here to read more)

Part 3 – Airbnb and Holiday Rental Tips

In this final part of my airbnb and holiday rental tips, let’s look at how to make the most of your holiday rental through professional marketing photographs, dealing with unfavourable reviews and ensuring a fast service turnaround between check-outs and check-ins… (click here to read more)

Tips on how to Declutter and Detox your Home

The way we perceive our surroundings says so much about our mind-set. Equally, our surroundings are an expression of it. We all want our homes to feel lived-in and loved, but with just a small amount of time and effort, a domestic detox can help shed off the old inhibitions and possessions that no longer serve a purpose in your life and ‘make space’ for the new. Here are some easy tips getting motivated, storage ideas, updating and up-cycling furniture and house plants that detox your home… (click here to read more)

Breaking interior design myths

Sticking to the rules is so limiting sometimes isn’t it?! It can stifle creativity and progression. Now don’t get me wrong; a strong foundation and understanding of the guidelines should be learnt… even if it’s just to know when to break them! Here are some examples… (click here to read more)

Top tips to styling your home for Christmas

Top tips to style your home for Christmas – here are some key guidelines for a foolproof, professional interior design finish to your festive decorating. I love to give a new twist to existing items within the interior: Be creative in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Like a cake stand piled high with baubles as a table centrepiece. An element of surprise and humour is always important in styling… (click here to read more)