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Breaking interior design myths

Sticking to the rules is so limiting sometimes isn’t it?! It can stifle creativity and personal progression. Now don’t get me wrong; a strong foundation and understanding of the guidelines should be learnt… even if it’s just to know when to break them! However here are some interior design myths that should just be ignored.

Interior design tips on a Small Budget by Catriona Archer

How to get big style on a small budget

Wouldn’t it be lovely if our homes functioned in a way that made our everyday life feel easier, with effective layout and storage that created a more relaxing and enjoyable space for everyone in it? Making a home practical and a joy to live in is, for me, the ultimate aim. So first, let’s looks at the practical side.

Mid century modern sofa with copper interior Catriona Archer Bath

Tips on feathering your nest ready for Spring

Spring’s a natural time for home improvements, ready a better brighter tomorrow. But before making hasty and potentially unnecessary buys, isn’t it worth first seeing what you have with fresh eyes?

Your design dilemmas solved

Last month I offered readers the chance to send in their design dilemmas. I also promised to share the results, so here they are!

Decorating for Christmas

I would like to share with you some creative decorating ideas that are cost-savvy, space-saving within the home and help celebrate the magic in the run-up to Christmas.

Top tips for property viewings

Our home is usually the biggest investment we make in our lives. Know doubt you are looking to maximise it’s sales potential!

Top Tips to Declutter

Spring is here at last… and so comes the time for at bit of Spring cleaning and De-cluttering! It’s amazing how quickly we can fill our homes.