Interior Designer in Wiltshire

Creating a colour scheme that flowed throughout the ground floor, yet allowing each area to have its own identity was key. The collection of mirrors adjacent to the bifold doors in the dining area allows all seated guests to enjoy the view outside.

Cotswold holiday cottage

In just 4 days we reorganised, styled and photographed this charming 4 bedroom Cotswold cottage as a relaxing and welcoming family retreat. Within a couple of days of re-launch, the makeover had already paid for itself with new bookings!

Cottage refurbishment in Wiltshire

Having recently moved into this 2 bedroomed cottage, the homeowner requested a complete restyling, with new furnishings throughout. The tranquil space and fresh scheme reflected her love of the surrounding countryside

Guesthouse makeover in Wiltshire

The new owners wanted a complete re-styling of this 8 bedroom guesthouse, ready for their new website launch. This now-thriving business was completed over several phases and continues to receive highly positive feedback from guests.

Office reception revamp

With such a large waiting room area, the seating layout was updated with a selection of zones in which to sit, creating a more relaxing environment. The company’s logo and colours were also introduced throughout for a stronger brand identity.

Styling for Property sale in Bath

This townhouse was styled before estate agent photographs were taken, ready for sale. Showing off the space and architectural features ensured a quick and profitable sale. We worked primarily with the home’s existing furniture and possessions.

Photography styling

I am fortunate to have worked with several photographers over the years, in the studio and on location. From stationary to furniture and many other wonderful items in-between. Photography and styling packages available.

Rental accommodation in Bristol

Interior design templates were created for a new rental concept being developed across the country. I worked in collaboration with my clients’ strong vision for stylish accommodation inspired by the use of industrial materials.

Bath Interior Design

A more user-friendly and welcoming ambience was requested for this busy tailoring business. Good lighting and storage were a crucial element of the design. A brand logo and improved outside signage were also addressed.

Holiday Rental in Somerset

Expert styling that up-cycled the existing items alongside some well considered additions may be all that’s required to enhance your guests’ experience and help your business stand out from the crowd. Photography and styling packages available.

Interior Makeover in Bath

This homeowner wanted to make the most of the beautiful items that had been collected from around the world. Colour, layout and lighting were discussed for added comfort and drama, with a few well-considered items added to complete the look.

Kitchen Showroom in Bristol

It was a real pleasure styling Schmidt showroom in Clifton, Bristol. Their contemporary and traditional kitchen and interior solutions just needed a few accessories to enhance (rather than distract from) their stunning ranges.

Sale agreed at first viewing

8 rooms were addressed in just 3 days, with a £600 budget for additional items. The rooms were styled to strengthen their visual appeal for a broad demographic of potential buyers. Items not required were packed up ready for moving day.

Visual merchandising in Wiltshire

Clear, focused and eye-catching displays were created for this boutique selling beautifully curated home and fashion. Regular changes to displays is crucial in retail to re-ignite the imagination and curiosity of customers and maximise sales.