“Transforming your home to the extraordinary within an ordinary budget. Catriona Archer is a curator of dreams. She works with your own pieces, adding carefully selected colours and objects. Our bookings were down in our holiday let. With Catriona`s expertise she re-designed and re-organised, totally keeping to budget and timelines. Within a couple of days of re-launch we achieved 3 new bookings. I have never used an interior designer before and I can now appreciate just how much expertise they bring, plus it was fun and with Catriona`s organising abilities it was never stressful. The project has already paid for itself, thank you Catriona”
Anne Parkin

“Catriona Archer is a real find and we are delighted with the results she has achieved in our home! After a dozen moves over the last 20 years we had a mix of styles and far too much furniture which did not match. We needed someone to come in with fresh eyes to reorganise and create some sense of order and harmony in our home. With a strong background in design and interiors Catriona listened to what we wanted and then set about to work with us on creating the sense of warmth and style we wanted. She was very good with the budget we initially set, giving us regular updates on the spend and the hours she worked were packed! Highly recommended!”
Mrs. S. Bull

“Inspirational, energetic, focused, and full of the most incredible ideas and insights – I would recommend Catriona to absolutely anyone!”
Ran Hamburgh

“Catriona has been absolutely incredible. I had a set budget and she worked extremely hard to keep within this, sourcing and designing items on my behalf. She worked incredibly efficiently with all of her tradesmen and with myself to an incredibly high standard. If I had any doubts initially about spending on a designer I certainly do not now, as she is made my home into a very special place!”
N. Taylor

“Catriona is a whizz at making tired spaces into amazing spaces”
BBC2 Interior Makeover show – My Unique B&B.

“Catriona certainly worked her magic for me. Setting up our holiday home with various possessions and pieces from many different parts of our life was a daunting task . Catriona pulled it all together and made my family love our old familiar family paintings and ornaments which had been in storage for years. She also gave fantastic styling advice and sourced some brilliant pieces to add to our scheme. I couldn’t have done it without her.”
Jane Wyatt

“I had high expectations when Catriona came to sort out my boyfriend’s house before sale, yet she exceeded them by miles. She not only works with what you have, she also is very penny wise and most surprising of all, makes the whole process fun and guilt free. You are a pleasure to work with and I will recommend you at every opportunity!”
Carole Jackson

“Catriona helped us to style our new home. Her creative flair and practical insights were invaluable. She is warm and collaborative, scrupulously professional and full of energy and enthusiasm. Highly recommended.”
Mrs. F. Lace

“Catriona has been a delight to work with on the recent remodelling of our living room. She has an amazing ability to visualise how a room can look, while making practical suggestions as to how this can be achieved. Catriona was always mindful of our brief and our budget; we’ll definitely use her services again!”
Sharon Collins

“Catriona was amazing… It was so rewarding to work with her and she made all the decisions so easy, with her creative and versatile thinking. She will be back to help me source and shop for items I still need to get, and I cannot wait. Phenomenal service and Catriona is so positive and smiling that it was so enjoyable too. Cannot recommend her highly enough.”
Jane Meadows