Mid century modern sofa with copper interior Catriona Archer Bath

Tips on feathering your nest ready for Spring

Spring’s a natural time for home improvements, ready a better brighter tomorrow. But before making hasty and potentially unnecessary buys, isn’t it worth first seeing what you have with fresh eyes?

Bored of the same four walls? It’s funny, but most of us have drawers full of items that we no longer look at. I know I do! Things we would love to one day ‘do something with’, photos and objects too precious to let go of…but what’s the point of having them if we can’t enjoy them? Who says the picture of Aunty Maud on the wall needs to be looking at us all year round? Swapping-out images in your existing frames and rotating the smaller objects lets us enjoy all our possessions at different times of the year.

And while we’re on the subject…those black holes (under the stairs, at the back of the wardrobe, under the dresser). Sifting through this allows us to re-connect with the things we’ve forgotten and give them a new lease of life. And yes, home-made projects and found objects should be mixed with more expensive items.

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