Top tips for property viewings

Our home is usually the biggest investment we make in our lives. Know doubt you are looking to maximise it’s sales potential! Once you have prepared and styled your house for sale, the photographs have been taken and the estate agent has set up appointments, what next?

Here are my top tips for property viewings to help make your property memorable to the buyers and secure the best deal possible.

1. Give the right first impression

‘Kerb appeal’ is essential.Make sure the front of the house is well maintained, weeded and bins, toys etc. are tidied away.

2. Make an entrance

If you have off-street parking outside the house, keep this space free to allow the front of the house to be viewed without obstruction and add a sense of space. Allowing the prospective buyers to drive into the property would also allow them to get a better feel for how it would be to own it.

3. Give them space

If you are showing the property yourself, allow the buyer to lead the way when walking into each room for maximum effect.

4. Tutt-tutt to clutter

Tidiness and cleanliness is key. Don’t leave laundry, ‘to do’ piles and ironing out – Clutter will deflect from the positive attributes the room. Make sure all the hard work in preparingyour home ready for sale does not fall short at the last hurdle.

5. A room with a view

Keep windows clean and all curtains and blinds open for maximum light and impact. A Venetian blind left down but open could be used if there is a view that is not complimentary to the home.

A stylist can provide you many clever solutions to help with unsightly views, which could be considered during the preparation of your home.

6. Show off your best features

If it is winter and have a working fireplace, light it! If it is summer make sure the garden furniture has been put out, to show off the garden.

7. Set the mood

The correct lighting is essential; inexpensive plug-in timers can be used to allow side lights to be on during viewing times. Effective battery operated LED real wax candles can also be easily purchased to create a ‘spa’ ambience in a bathroom.

8. Pooh!

Smell is often overlooked. Opt for natural fragrances such as flowers, lemons or herbs instead of artificial air fresheners. Pet odours should be avoided. Keep bathroom doors closed and toilet seats down.

It is well known that the smell of baking has a hugely positive effect. Most supermarkets sell semi-baked bread that can be popped into the oven. Bought biscuits baked for a few minutes also works well.